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Help me understand please.... Articles and Images

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  • Help me understand please.... Articles and Images

    I have been testing with the articles section. I can not seem to get my images to resize once they've been added, and I am having issues getting them to align properly. When I am working with the image, the size looks fine, but when I hit preview no image shows up, just BB code. If I save it, it goes back to the full size image. I don't mind cropping images, but this is another step I wish to avoid.

    Aligning the images is also a problem. I can not figure out how to get text to wrap around the image?? I must be doing something wrong. I tried using info I found for vB4, but I am using vB 5.1.5 and the interface seems different. When I go to insert a picture I am not given any alignment options.


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    Double Click on the images while in the editor. You'll have options to resize and align the images show up in a dialog box.
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      AH HA! Tricky... I figured it would have been a pop up option after it was uploaded.


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