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Question about Channel Permissions

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  • Question about Channel Permissions

    Under "AdminCP > Channel Management > Channel Permissions > [Edit] some forum channel", what is the difference between
    • Can Post Topics
    • Can Reply to Topics

    • Can create text/post?

    Is there any situation where you would not activate/deactivate both but only either of these?

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    I've not tried tinkering with these, but I assume that
    • Can Post Topics Means the member can create new topics
    • Can Reply to Topics Means that although they cannot create topics they can reply to them
    • Can create text/post Means they are able to reply to posts

    But I'm no expert, I have to admit that I do find some of the phrasing in the ACP a little confusing and open to the wrong interpretation.


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      I think it has to be something different. For example, if you activate the first and the second option for the default unregistered/not logged in usergroup (but not the third one), they still can't create topics in a channel.


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        If you want the usergroup to be able to post at all, then "Can create text/post" must be set to Yes. From the help pop-up:
        Can Create Text Posts
        Each content type has its own permission, and it is possible to set where each usergroup can create specific content types. Members can create text-type posts in any channel where one of their usergroups has this permission.

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          I read that help text, and actually it was this text that made me wondering about the setting. Why would I disallow a group to post text/post at all, if I have the "Can post topics" and "Can reply to topics" options? If they are set to No, then the group also shouldn't be able to post text at all? Or the other way round: When I set "Can create text/post" to No, what else can I do with the other 2 options at the same time? Maybe I don't see the obvious here, but I still do not understand.


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            If you set "Can create text/post" to No, it means they cannot post text content type. If you set "Can create photo gallery" or "Can create link" permissions to Yes and you set "Can post topics" to Yes, then that usergroup can only post gallery and link content type topics. They wouldn't be able to post a topic with just text or with inline image attachments. It has to be gallery (via Camera icon) or link/video (via Link icon) types. Same with "Can reply to topics", they can only reply with gallery, link or video content types.

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              Ah, I see! Well, I guess there are only very few situations where you want to allow your users to post anything but text, but it is good to know that it is possible. Thanks Glenn!


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