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Users can't reply comments in articles

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  • Users can't reply comments in articles


    It's something weird, as this is a very basic functionality. When you publish an article, you want the people to comment and discuss about it. They can comment but they can't reply each other as there is no button for reply, just to post another comment.

    I know they can use "@user" to mention anyone, but not everyone know this feature and it should be nice if the "reply comments" are tabbed under the original comment, so it's easier to follow the conversation.

    Here is an example what I'm talking about:

    I hope it can be solved in a future upgrade.

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    As far as I know this is the way the comments currently work in articles and there is no way to change it in the AdminCP. However, you can always create a JIRA entry with your suggestion ( and if it gets enough positive feedback, maybe it will be implemented in a future version.


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      In one of the forum templates I can find this text:

      <vb:comment>userCanCommentOnThisArticle must be set in parent widget</vb:comment>

      I really don't know what it means yet, but I guess it has to do something with the comment functions. However, I've got extremely irritated over this so I decided to force commenting whatsoever, until i know which damn permission or widget (?!) I may edit to make this work. The bolded row below fixed my problem.

      Template edited, by the way, was display_contenttype_conversationreply_Text

      <vb:elseif condition="$currentNodeIsArticle" />
          {vb:set nodeSchemaInfo.itemtype,}
          {vb:set nodeType, 'article'}
          <vb:if condition="isset($reportActivity) AND $reportActivity">
              {vb:set displayComments, 0}
              {vb:set userCanCommentOnThisArticle, 0}
          <vb:else />
              {vb:set displayComments, 1}
             {vb:set userCanCommentOnThisArticle, 1}
              <vb:comment>userCanCommentOnThisArticle must be set in parent widget</vb:comment>
      <vb:else />
      If someone knows a simpler way of doing this, because I'm sure it can't be this difficult to make it work properly - please tell me too.


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