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Some Users cannot see Articles Page

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  • Some Users cannot see Articles Page

    Some of the registered users in my 5.1.5 get the following error message when accessing the articles page:

    An internal error has occurred and the module cannot be displayed.
    I created a test-user with the same usergroups as (some of) the affected users, but I can access articles without problems.
    The affected users have different usergroups.
    Different browsers or OS do not solve/induce the problem.

    The issue occurred on 5.1.4 as well as 5.1.5.

    I'd be glad for any hints (I don't even know which log files to check)

    EDIT: Not sure if I made that clear: this happens to some users only when logged in. After logout, those users see the articles page as normal.
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    Any ideas? This is a crucial problem on my site, since senior members must be able to post articles…


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      Apparently, the affected users can access an article via a direct link to that article without problems. Still, they get the described error when trying to access the articles home page when logged in.


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