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n00b here, a few questions.

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  • n00b here, a few questions.

    I've looked around at tutorials and other information but I can't figure out how to add content to the new pages that I create. Also, how do I create a link/button in the footer to access these pages.

    I'm also wondering if it's possible for my .com url to go directly to the main forum instead of the default first page.

    Sorry for the stupid questions I am very new at this. If you guys could let me know or point me in the right direction.


    - j

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    I am also wondering how to edit the text at the very bottom of the page. I just want to center it and change the font colour. thanks.


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      You add content by placing modules on the page. The type of content would determine the module that you place. When you edit a page, click on the modules tab to see a list of all the modules.

      To add links to the footer, you would click on "Footer" in the site builder menu. That will give you tools to add navigation links.

      You can change the color of footer text by editing the footer stylevars in the AdminCP under Styles & Templates -> Style Manager. Select your style and click the Go button next to Style Variable Editor. Scroll down to the Footer section to see the variables available.

      To center text you would have to override the CSS by placing your own CSS in the css_additional.css template either by editing that template (download license) or using the Style tab (cloud license). Which text specifically are you trying to move?
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