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  • Template issue

    VB5.1.4 patch level 2
    PHP 5.4.35
    MySQL 5.5.40-cll

    I went to the Select template in messages edit page layout and changed it form Private messages to the second choice for private messages. There are two of them. No one could get to PM's or messages after I did this. Error "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page"
    Changed it back to the first Private Messages template and now Admin's only can get their PM's. Is there something I am missing here? All of the rights are set in the Admin control panel for PM's. I did notice that there is not a Template for Visitor Message display Template but two Private Messages Template.
    Hope someone can help

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    can anyone help with this problem?


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      For some reason this problem corrected itself. It has been a problem for 4 days now all of a sudden it corrected itself. Sure don't know what is going on. Guess vB just needs time to heal itself
      Anyway the problem is gone now.


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        Did you click on Maintenance > Clear System Cache after changing the template? Sometimes that needs to be done after changes.

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          Yes I did but the problem still existed. Part of the problem went away but I still have an issue when a member gets a visitor message and the message icon lights up his visitor messages do not display. Can get them to display by going to profile page though.


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            Visitor Messages only display on the profile page. All that should show on the Notifications or Message Summary page is a notice that User X sent you a private message.
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