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  • Making own Extension/Plugin

    Hey there folks, since few days ago me and my clan decided to move away from the ****ty forum software and move towards VBulletin (Thank god) due of its features we needed but it still lack few features which we need (which is obvious since every software doesn't always fill your needs)! Anyhow I decided to look through and find any documentation regarding creating your own plugin / extension but sadly I ended hitting a rock which I mean I found nothing that's understandable in my own eyes for some reason even though I'm a PHP Programmer myself and know mysql pretty well I couldn't really understand how to make a extension / plugin.
    So anyone can assist me to any guides / templates or so on?

    (To make it more funnier, cause I couldn't make my own plugin I used the site builder to use PHP coding and made my own little snippet with its own admin panel but since I'm a perfectionist I rather have it with VB Admin CP ^^)

    For notice:
    The plugin / extension I'm trying to create for now is a basic clan roster which I'll develop into advance when VB5 hit gold hopefully and I'll be having my VBulletin knowledge top notch

    Thank you.

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