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  • anroks
    This worked....but I've reverted to hang-in with default size instead of huge width one ( as forum is more of empty with couple of threads) will catchup on this later.

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  • Joe D.
    Site Builder won't help in this case. 100% will only remove the sidebar.

    In your Style Manager -> Edit Templates -> CSS Templates -> css_additional.css

    Add the following line:

    #wrapper { max-width:100% !important; }
    This will do a full width (fluid) page however I am not sure it will work correctly with all the modules and other aspects of responsive design in VB5,

    If you do want to try it you will likely need to use the 100% width layout in Site Manager -> Edit Page so the sidebar isn't too wide.

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  • DemOnstar
    My guess is you go to site builder and choose 100% from the page options.

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  • anroks
    started a topic Full width forum

    Full width forum

    How can I make my forum a full width one just like this sites forum. I am using current V5 version. I appreciate for your help.


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  • Hectorsky
    width of modules
    by Hectorsky
    I was looking to increase the width of modules on desktop.

    And I would like to ask which stylevar I have to modify to get a bit width of modules?

    Tue 23 Oct '18, 7:39am
  • derbtek
    Change Width of Site
    by derbtek
    I am trying to change the width of the site, but can't seem to figure out how.

    I've gone to "styles and templates" , "style manager", "style variable editor",...
    Mon 10 Dec '12, 5:48am
  • RacingSnake
    Forum width
    by RacingSnake
    Ok, I give up, how to I extend the width of the forum to 100%?
    I tried the doc_width stylevar, but it didn't seem to do anything.
    I want to reduce the huge gaps either side of the forum....
    Tue 29 Apr '14, 1:36am
  • codevox
    Forum Width
    by codevox
    HI all
    I live in switzerland, so pleas forgive my bad english .
    I need to customize my board that it fits to my homepage.
    so i need a table width in 980px. how can i get this?
    Mon 2 Dec '13, 6:12am