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  • Hectorsky
    width of modules
    by Hectorsky
    I was looking to increase the width of modules on desktop.

    And I would like to ask which stylevar I have to modify to get a bit width of modules?

    Tue 23 Oct '18, 7:39am
  • derbtek
    Change Width of Site
    by derbtek
    I am trying to change the width of the site, but can't seem to figure out how.

    I've gone to "styles and templates" , "style manager", "style variable editor",...
    Mon 10 Dec '12, 5:48am
  • RacingSnake
    Forum width
    by RacingSnake
    Ok, I give up, how to I extend the width of the forum to 100%?
    I tried the doc_width stylevar, but it didn't seem to do anything.
    I want to reduce the huge gaps either side of the forum....
    Tue 29 Apr '14, 1:36am
  • codevox
    Forum Width
    by codevox
    HI all
    I live in switzerland, so pleas forgive my bad english .
    I need to customize my board that it fits to my homepage.
    so i need a table width in 980px. how can i get this?
    Mon 2 Dec '13, 6:12am