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    Dear vBulletin Users,

    A while ago, I saw a widget showing the latest posts on the board. This widget could be placed on the homepage for instance. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the topic that explained how to set it up. Therefore I was wondering if anyone could help me out regarding this?

    Also I wonder, does it show every topic made on the board? Or only topics that the user can see in his usergroup so he won't see the topics posted in a hidden section?

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    Use a search module and then set it to Sort By "Date - started post" and in Source, just select Forums. I think that should do what you want.

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      A compact view of the results is coming in an upcoming release as well.
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      Wayne Luke
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        Thanks for the swift response! That compact Widget design is lovely, I like it! For now, Im trying to set it up as Lynne explained it, although Im not getting it quite as the vbulletin 5 demo boards x-x Mine currently looks like this:

        And these are the settings I picked

        Instead I would love to have it turn out like this: That it only shows it the same was as the layout on the demo boards.


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          See my blog links below for some info on setting up one type of latest topics module.

          TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.3 Demo
          AdminAmmo - My Cloud Demo


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            Amazing Mark! Thanks a lot for your response, that was exactly what I was looking for!

            - - - Updated - - -

            Question Mark,

            Currently the widget I set up with your tutorial works perfectly fine! As I have multiple usergroups, it was important that one usergroup wouldnt see the post whom are supposed for the other. That works! Although, the usergroup with moderation powers (based on super moderator group) can still see the posts whom are not meant for them. I figured this has something to do with permissions? Let me breakdown what I mean exactly.

            I have 2 sections on the forums;

            - Dragon Nest
            - Guild Wars 2

            Regular members from Dragon Nest can only see the topics in that group. They wont see posts from Guild Wars 2. Same goes for the other way around.
            Then there is the Officer Group. They have a hidden section thats only accessable for them. Yet, they see both posts from Dragon Nest and Guild Wars 2, while they are only allowed to see Dragon Nest. Any clue how to set that up?

            Permissions are set right as far as I know. When you log in as an officer, you dont see the Guild Wars 2 sections. Yet, topics do pop up with the latest topic widget. x-x If needed, I set up an account for you so you can check it out! Sending it through PM.


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              It should inherit the permissions you have set in the Channel Permissions. Make sure "Can view content" is set to no where users don't have permission to view the content.
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              Wayne Luke
              The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
              vBulletin 5 API


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                Excellent as always Wayne! Thanks, that was exactly the problem!



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                  Re-opening this topic. After the 5.0.0. Patch, Permissions are not working as they should. Previously, the way Mark explained worked perfectly fine and you wouldn't be able to view the topic names in the list if you are not supposed to view the channel. Right now, all topic names are coming through - which is somewhat annoiying as certain parts are not viewable by the group. Any change upon this?


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