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I need help with support tickets and a problem

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  • I need help with support tickets and a problem

    I've put in two support tickets and neither have been answered. This is my problem:
    My technician is upgrading our forum from 5.1.3 to 5.1.4 and we've had problems. He wants to know if current setting of max_execution_time is 30 secs and memory_limit is 64M should be increased.

    I do have some screen shots and here is the link to them:

    Also When running the upgrade in command line (after encountering the "server no response" error), it does nothing.

    Our forum has been down for two days now. I need someone to help. I understand I may not be expressing myself correctly and if that's the case, can someone please steer me in the right direction instead of ignoring me. Thank you.

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    Have you tried running it via the web upgrader?

    Also, apologies for the lack of a response on the ticket front. If you have extra information there, i'll see what if anything I can do.


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      Sorry Zachary. I thought I'd uploaded more than that. Here are another three:
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        The upgrader isn't working. There are four screenshots. The one in the first post above and I've added another three. Can you look at it again please.


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          Follow in in the ticket with ftp/link to the upgrader and I'll see what we can do.


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            Thanks Zachery.


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              Still waiting for some response to this issue. The ticket hasn't been followed up.


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                I'm still waiting for some help with this issue. The original ticket was lodged on Monday and it's still unresolved.


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                  Tickets do take time to resolve. Your issue isn't the only one that any support representative will be working with at a time. We do not guarantee a solution in a specific time period. You will have to be patient and follow up in your ticket.

                  However the reason your ticket hasn't been followed up on is that you started a new ticket with the information and did not reply to the existing ticket. I will update the existing ticket with the new information.
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                    thank you.


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                      I've been waiting four days for someone to help, now this:
                      Ticket Locked
                      You can open a new support ticket in your members area.
                      If you can't access your members area or have a sales question, please open a new ticket using the sales contact form.
                      Why was that ticket locked? When will someone help me?
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                        Your main ticket is not locked. Wayne locked the new one you started.

                        We cannot work on one issue spread across multiple tickets. You need to keep all follow up for this issue in the one ticket. You should only start a new ticket when there's a new issue.

                        To avoid confusion, log into the members area and follow up that way rather than via email.
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                          We did what was suggested, upgraded to 5.1.5., but the problem is still there. I've updated our current ticket with screenshots.


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