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What's the process once we make our new vB5 sites go live?

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  • What's the process once we make our new vB5 sites go live?

    I've followed the directions for creating a test site based on these instructions and have begun building a vB 5 version of my site. Is there a similar set of instructions to follow once it comes time to making our new sites go live?

    I don't plan on making it go live until after vB 5 has gone gold and I have the site the way I want it, but thinking ahead.....what will be the process for updating what will be the newest version of my "old" site's (4.1.11) database so that my new vB5 site will connect to it? What other things will we need to know in order to "flip the switch"?

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    I'm not really sure what your question is. Did you create a backup of your live site and perform an upgrade to vB5 and now you are making changes to make the site how you want it? That is basically what you will do when you upgrade your 4.1.11 site to vB5 - run the upgrade script and then make all the same changes. You should be able to export the style from the test site and import it to the live site. You may want to try the upgrade once again just before doing it to the live site so you know all the steps to take.

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      Actually you answered it for me. I was thinking of it the other way around - making the test site eventually become the live site. But this makes perfect sense. Thanks!


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