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Posts per page broken.

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  • Posts per page broken.

    Newest version of VB on a new server. No previous files exist.
    Mysql version is 5.6.22.

    I disabled users being able to set their own posts per page. I updated the module that controls posts per page to 50 per page.

    So here is what happens. I have a thread with 90+ replies. when I go into the thread it shows that there are 4 pages, but all posts are displayed on page 1. When I change the page to the next page it changes from there being multiple pages, to showing there is only one page and all the posts are still on that page.

    It will also show that there are like 275 posts in the thread but there are only 90.

    It seems like there are settings somewhere else that are not being overridden by the module change.

    So it paginates like there is some posts per page setting, but what that setting is doesn't matter because it just displays all posts on a single page and never paginates. clicking on another page simply resets pagination to show only 1 page now and all posts.

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    First, edit the module again and make sure "Topics Results per Page" is set correctly for your needs.

    Then, in the same screen, make sure "Topics Date Range" is set to "All Time". Save all the way back out of the module.

    Next, go to:
    AdminCP > Maintenance > General Update Tools

    Rebuild the following:

    Rebuild Topic Information
    Rebuild Forum Information

    Finally, go to:
    AdminCP > Maintenance > Clear System Cache

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      I did all of those steps before except for clear system cache, I'll give that a shot.

      I did get it to work by allowing all users to change their own posts per page, telling them to set it to 40, and making that the number in the module. Which is quite odd since the number in the module is supposed to override the thread.

      You're answering all my questions on multiple sites, Mark B. I feel like maybe we should get a room. haha


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        This seemed to have fixed it. Updated to patch 3, updated number to 50, rebuilt topic and forum info, and then cleared system cache. 50 posts per page is what I see.

        Now if only it could mark the thread as read everytime when I read it.

        Thanks, Mark!


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