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Admincp and Modcp Template Styles missing

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  • Admincp and Modcp Template Styles missing


    All the forum pages on the front end are working perfectly. But when I use the backend there is no template and it looks like the image attached to this post.
    What is the cause of this and how do I fix it?

    It has taken me ages to get the forum to work... I upgraded from VB4 and all the file permissions of 5 needed to be changed. When i uploaded VB5 all the files were 755 and needed to be 644 to work/open, so that took ages for my FTP client to change them all. (I couldn't even run the upgrade.php file until I change the permission from 755 to 644)

    I then had to fiddle with wordpress and change the permalinks setting because it was interrupting VB5's thread pages.

    So far my impressions of VB5 are rather bleak, but I was eager to upgrade because the template looked a lot fresher than the previous ugly green one from VB4

    - - - Updated - - -

    On closer inspection the missing images are the URL -
    It seems that the backend is trying to use a completely different template, when it should be using a vBulletin 5 template.

    I followed the exact instructions from here to upgrade from the Latest vBulletin 4 to the latest Vbulletin 5 (downloaded today)

    - - - Updated - - -

    On even more inspection I looked at the frame source and could see that it was trying to grab - /vb5/core/cpstyles/vBulletin_2_Default/controlpanel.css?v=500b26
    So I followed that path and the only folder was vBulletin_5_default... So I renamed that to vBulletin_2_default and the backend now works perfectly, the template is perfect.

    In which file does it tell the page to grab the controlpanel.css? Because it just seems to be trying to grab the wrong .css

    (temporarily my issue is solved now - but it is only a temporary fix)
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    Same for me, but the other way round - for me the frontend styles are missing, when the user is not logged in - The wrong folder as well and i have no chance to set this


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      Do you have a link to your forum? If it is the same issue I had maybe I could find you a temporary fix =) I don't need to login or anything, I just need to see the page.


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        For me when I had that issue it was the url path in my admin panel was wrong..


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          oh, i already have a temporary fix...for guests the system tries to load the css data from the folder style00000l, which is not present on the server and for member the folder style00002l is loaded. I'd like to know the reason for this much more :P


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