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  • Some Questions

    I've tried vb5 for some days now and noticed some bigger and some smaller issues. I'll just list them here and would be happy if i get answers to some of them.

    1. After Upgrading from 4.2 the i can not display utf-8 chars anymore - tried to change it in the config.php but there was not entry for encoding
    2. Are RSS-Feeds already working? Its not external.php anymore and is just want to know if they already worked
    3. After upgrading to vb5, guests cant see the styles anymore. If i'm locked in, i can see the default style, but if not i'm loading the site without a style.
    4. Can I turn of that if i change to another page in the thread, the page is updated via ajax? I'd like it to be a normal page load with "page2" in the browser bar...

    Thank you

    PS: forget to change the thread title and cannot edit it anymore

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