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Try vB 5 in XAMPP and very hard to access

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  • Try vB 5 in XAMPP and very hard to access

    i just install vB 5 in XAMPP
    after that, is very hard to open, high CPU usage, and make my CPU hot like ****
    not like vB 3x
    this is because vB 5 is still beta ?

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    I wouldn't suspect vBulletin 5 to be the culprit in this instance. Perhaps there is something else running on your computer that is causing these kinds of issues? I have a vBulletin 5 instance running locally using XAMPP and also MAMPP on OSX and don't seem to be getting issues such as this.

    Nonetheless, performance and reliability is constantly being improved in vBulletin 5 as it progresses through it's beta stages.
    Aakif Nazir


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      There are online articles that come and go each year (some become outdated, then new ones are posted) showing you how to install Apache/MySQL/PHP on your windows computer, I would find a good article... make a pot of coffee and tinker around with it until you see a site up! Xammp is so-so in my opinion and might be to blame in this situation.

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