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  • Article Sorting?

    On the default articles channel display module... I would like to be able to display the articles in alphabetical order (or manually sorted if auto-alpahbetically isn't an option)... I noticed in the AdminCP Content Management Content List there is a "Display Order" column, but this seems to only change the display order for this admin page, not the actual viewing page.

    Is there a way to tailor the display order of the articles in the module or is it only possible to have it display in order by creation?

    Thanks in advance

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    As far as I know the options in the AdminCP have no effect in the frontend. I thought that there is an option to sort articles via Site Builder in the "Article Channel Display Module" on the articles' page itself, but there isn't. The only solution that comes to my mind is adding a search module (similar to the "Latest Articles Module" you already find in the frontend) and there you can sort articles by title. Of course that doesn't look too well...


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