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  • Help with installation...

    1. vBulletin Version - 5.1 (the latest)
    2. PHP Version - 5.3.22
    3. MySQL Version - 4.1.8,
    4. Any Addons installed - None
    5. Does the issue occur in a default style? - I can't even get a style sheet to work.
    6. Does the issue occur using the English language provided? - Yes
    7. Error message on the screen' - Provided a screenshot
    8. Browser and Browser version used. - All of the,
    9. A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue. - I ran through the installation process about 5 times. It has never worked...
    So, I purchased this software thinking it would be easy to setup. It should be, but it's not. The installation hasn't worked in all 5 times I've tried. I can't get the site running and there's no way to get to the admin site or have the css loaded. Is there something that I'm not doing right? I've modified the config.php files. Nothing on this planet is working. Need help. Thanks.

    temp website:

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    Make sure you have
    if your forum is in sub folder of other script make sure to add
    RewriteBase /yourfoldername
    to your .htaccess


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      To me this looks as if some data (a CSS file probably) is missing.

      However, I noticed that you are using MySQL 4.1.8; vB5 has a minimum of 5.1.5 (see the FAQ). Also with the upcoming vB 5.1.5 the minimum required PHP version will go up to 5.4.0 (see this announcement).


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        Well, I did some digging. I do have the right version of mysql. (had to ask my business partner for some help)
        Server version: 5.5.40-cll - MySQL Community Server (GPL)

        As far was the mod_rewrite in my htacces file, here's what it reads. I'm assuming this is correct. I just added the rewrite base. Is there something else that should be added? All the rest of the htaccess code looks pretty standard. Thanks.

        <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
        RewriteEngine On

        #In some cases where you have other mod_rewrite rules, you may need to comment out the following line
        #and change it to match your folder name. This resets the other mod_rewrite rules for just this directory
        #If your site was, the setting would be /forum/
        #RewriteBase /

        RewriteBase /vbulletin/

        # Send css calls directly to the correct file VBV-7807
        RewriteRule ^css.php$ core/css.php [NC,L]

        # Redirect old install path to core.
        RewriteRule ^install/ core/install/ [NC,L]

        # Main Redirect
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png|css)$
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
        RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?routestring=$1 [L,QSA]

        # Because admincp is an actual directory.
        RewriteRule ^(admincp/)$ index.php?routestring=$1 [L,QSA]



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          Try adding vbulletin path to rewrite rule for css.php

          RewriteRule ^css.php$ [COLOR=#FF0000]vbulletin/[/COLOR]core/css.php [NC,L]

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            Either the forum url in the AdminCP is not correct, or the ModRewrite URl is not being set correctly.

            Your forum/site url should be
            Core url
            Login url

            the RewriteBase should be set to /~bwlwforums/vbulletin/


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              Annnnd that was it! Had the rewrite base set incorrectly...

              the RewriteBase should be set to /~bwlwforums/vbulletin/

              Thanks again! Very helpful!


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                You'll need to change that again once you switch to your proper domain/site url.


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