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  • Forum & Forums page by default?

    I'm not 100% sure that this isn't something I managed to inflict upon myself or if it is indeed a "bug" (feature?) of the out of the box vb5 install (i'm on 5.1.4 PL2)...

    I have noticed that by default both the "/forum" and "/forums" pages are created by default (separate pages)... this lead to a little bit of confusion on my end as they had separate templates to start with... I've worked around it in the meantime by setting their templates to the same thing, however I more so think that only one or the other of these should be created by default, not both...

    I hear delete options for these are coming in 5.1.5 (read somewhere else on the forum), so maybe I can resolve then, but since they are system pages I'm not sure.

    Any comments on what's going on here and if vb will settle on one or the other?

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    There are not a forum, and forums page by default.


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      interesting, somehow I've ended up with both and can't delete either (no delete option when i do "edit page" )... thoughts?


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        Can you link me to both page(s) ?


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          You cannot delete System Pages. You can only delete custom pages that you created.

          /forum should take you to the Forum channel. This isn't really a page and it can not be deleted. Doing so will break your site.

          There should not be a /forums but if your renamed a default page and updated its URL, then it could exist.
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