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Config.php file not opening properly; can't get the forum to work.

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  • Config.php file not opening properly; can't get the forum to work.

    I've followed the instructions on how to get set up in the vBulletin 5 Connect - Readme and Installation Guide

    When I edit the config.php file in the main upload folder (not core), This is what I see:

    Only the beginning of the folder is loading. The same thing happens whether I edit the file before or after I upload it. I have copied and pasted the file into a new doc, and uploaded that, and the whole file loads fine. The formatting is slightly off though, and the problem still isn't fixed as I can't do anything when I got to:

    Please let me know if I've gone wrong in my setup anywhere. There are the steps I've taken:
    • I've taken the contents of the 'upload' folder and I've added them to a folder called 'forum' in my 'public_html' folder.
    • I created a new database for the files, and I added the database information, and the login information to 'public_html/forum/core/includes/config.php'. This information includes the name of the database (expertph_vbulletin) and the MASTER DATABASE USERNAME & PASSWORD.
    • Renamed /forum/config.php.bkp to config.php.
    • Set the baseurl to the url of the forum directory to
    • I then try to go to: and I get 'page not found'.

    It's worth noting that I did have another forum under that url, but I've renamed the folder to 'forum2' and I've cleared the cache inside that folder. It was a Vanilla forum.

    I will be hugely grateful for any help you can give me.

    Thank you,

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    Don't use the cPanel built-in editor, I find it doesn't often work and when it does open the file OK, it saves it borked more often than not. If you need to edit the file, download the config.php file to your local machine and use a free editor such as Notepadd++ to edit it. Then re-upload it back to the server making sure you overwrite the copy that's already there.

    Regarding your issue, do you have any .htaccess files on your server other than the one that came with vB5?
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      Thanks, I'll take that into account.

      I do quite a few other .htaccess files. There's one in the /forum2/ folder from the original forum, and there's another in the /public_html/ folder. I've also got another installation of WP under /members/ and there's a few in there, and there's a bunch in the w3 super cache plugin files. There's probably aout 25 of these in total (based on a quick search).

      Thank you.


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        Fixed it. cpanel didn't like me uploading directly to it. I switched to Filezilla.


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