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5.1.4 Causing Multiple Issues

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  • 5.1.4 Causing Multiple Issues

    Since upgrading from 5.1.3 to 5.1.4 I've received several comments from users:
    • Error dialog boxes with no description - they just say Error. They usually occur when replying to a thread.
    • "The search feature can take an eternity or fail to complete all together. At other times, it works fine. I don't recall seeing this behavior before the upgrade."
    • "I posted a thread today about the downed airplane, and had added a link to my post, and the first time I posted it, I think it just ate the post. I had copied it just in case; so I posted it again,and then it said this was a duplicate and I can't post for another 5 minutes. After little bit, I came back and posted the mesage again. this time, it didn't go through again, but it left a message at the top that said the post had to be moderated. that was about 3 hours ago, and the post is still not there, and I have no idea why this would have happened.
      I wrote another post to see if it was just me, and that post went through just fine; so I am still mystified about what happened to the first one, or why ? ?"
    All three bullets were from moderators, so they are very familiar with the board's behavior. We've also received similar messages from non-moderators.

    Anyone else seeing similar issues since the upgrade?

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    This is what I'm getting in the PHP log on the searches that fail:

    [02-Jan-2015 10:44:50 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 180 seconds exceeded in /srv/ on line 425

    I get a blank page (with the background color set) in the browser. For certain words, like "Ebola", it's pretty consistent. I have deleted and rebuilt the search index.

    I'm also getting a lot of these... they may correspond to the error message mentioned above:

    [02-Jan-2015 09:25:07 America/New_York] PHP Notice: Undefined index: arguments in /srv/ on line 167


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      Bump. May have gotten buried over the holidays.


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        Are these issues still occurring?


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          Yes and no. I rebuilt the search index and it seems to be behaving better, but the rest of the issues are still occurring.


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            Do you have the guest cache enabled? Can you try disabling it?


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