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Issue with users posting new topics.

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  • Issue with users posting new topics.

    I created a few test users to make sure everything on my forum is working properly. When I log in as a anything but admin, I cannot make a new post thread in the forum. I have them set to act as channel. Admin can post but users cannot. Obviously this has to do something with the permissions or page setting but I am not sure which or where to make these changes.

    Any ideas?

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    Hello again.
    I had some problems with that too.
    I changed some permissions so that unregistered users can post but it never happened. And recently I get the error message on the home page but if I sign in as a user it is visible.
    I am not sure if it is me or if there is a bug in the nest. I changed it so they can comment on blogs, the comment icon shows on the blog page, the text box opens for input. We then input and click post and then you are not authorized to use this appears or something to that effect.

    Anyway, Christmas and New Year have taken the focus off all this stuff for me. Might be right one day?

    Bye for now....


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      I have not figured out exactly why this happened yet .... However I do know that the problem was created when I added a new user in the admincp instead of manually going through the registration process. I deleted the user and then went back through signup as a "user" and now able to post fine. I was using admincp to create another user with "admin" privileges. I will just manually change the new users permissions in admincp now that it is created.

      Any suggestions on why this may have happened in the first place and how to correct it so that I may add users myself in the future?


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        When you manually created the user, what did you enter as their Primary Usergroup? And did they show up listed under Usergroup Manager > list primary users for that usergroup? Did you check the usergroup permissions to make sure they had posting permissions?

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          That is what I dont understand because I created the user as "Administrator". It should have had full privileges as I do when I log in myself. This is clearly something I will have to trouble shoot. I will try to reproduce this and see if I can figure out the issue. Keep you all posted!

          Thanks Guys!


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            Administrators are assigned No Permissions by default. You have to manually assign permissions via the AdminCP.

            AdminCP / Usergroups / Administrator Permissions


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