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Reset/revert style variables?

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  • Reset/revert style variables?

    I want to reset everything and start from scratch (default values).

    I made some changes that won't go away.

    Using the new edit feature on the page seems to screw up everything else I do and I don't know how to change it back, so I would like to start over and forget that feature exists.

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    If you have customized a Style Variable, there will be a revert link on its header. Site Builder shouldn't affect Style Variables though. What specifically are you trying to do?
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      The bg image disappeared when I used the site builder, so is there a way to cancel my site-builder colour changes?

      The main issue I'm having is, I tried to change the colours using the site edit and it changed my background to black and now my image is not displaying, even though one is specified in additional css.

      I've been trying to fix the background and font colours in so many ways (site edit, style vars, additional css), I'm actually getting lost with what I have done and what I am doing.

      Is there a list somewhere that has what all the style variables specifically do, some of the names aren't exactly intuitive for someone who hasn't played with vbulletin a lot.
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