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Since installing latest patch on vB5.1.4 CMS does not work: How do I find correct URL

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  • Since installing latest patch on vB5.1.4 CMS does not work: How do I find correct URL

    Since I installed the latest patch to vB 5.1.4 (so I'm now on vB5.1.4 PL1) the CMS section (articles) no longer seems to work on my test installation. Previously I had my CMS set to url */ (i.e. I had it set as my homepage). I've tried changing the navigation bar tab to add the url */articles thinking that would pull the CMS back up but that doesn't work.

    What changes introduced in the latest patch could have caused this? And how either in the vB5 software, or in the database would I look up the URL that I need to point the navigation bar to to bring up the CMS? I've looked in channel manager and the channels appear still to be there.

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    Been testing a bit more. The test site still has much of the test vB4 content and categories that comes with vB4 and survived through upgrade.

    If I go to that just defaults straight to whether I try to go there from the navigation bar or whether I just type in the browser bar.

    By installing a channel navigation widget on one of the pages I can see that, and all exist. If I put any of these urls into the browser bar then the sections come up. However if I put in that just defaults to Why would that be and how and where would I correct this?


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      Been testing a bit more: If I go to the CMS section of the admin cp and use the cms manager to pick up one of the articles which according to the CMS content manager is in the category 'Articles' and click the article it takes me to[name-of-article]. When in the article the url in the browser bar shows but the breadcrumb says home/Articles. So you would think that navigating directly to the articles section via the browser bar would show something, but it doesn't.

      Why is it that the articles section isn't showing?


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        Sounds like the routing is wrong in some way.

        I suspect we are going to need a support ticket to rectify this.

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