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  • Style problem

    It all starts over again.

    This file was created using a different version of vBulletin from the one you are running.

    Your version: 5.0.0 Beta 22
    File version: 5.0.0 Beta 21
    Well, I never expected this calamity....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now I have to say, this is ridiculous. This is the first pitiful downfall for me so far, truly remarkable.

    Somebody please tell me that this can be rectified.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gone back to beta 21 to see what can be retrieved.

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    If this is when importing an old style, that warning is there to make you realise that there may be template code changes which are required to fix broken style or functionality items.

    When you're selecting the file from your local machine to import, there is an option 'Ignore Style Version' - set that to 'Yes' to force the import (as per text underneath - Use style file even if it was created by a different version of vBulletin?)

    EDIT: For example, let's say a variable relating to functionality has been mis-typed in the template code within B21 and you save a non-functional change to the template (i.e. style tweak). The bug is fixed in the templates for B22 but you haven't made that change in B21 to fix it - you then import your modified template to a B22 install, that functionality will still be broken as you've imported the mis-typed template entry into the system.

    That, and to prevent completely unusable previous styles being imported (i.e. vB3 into vB4, vB4 into vB5), is why there's a warning rather than just blindly allowing it to happen
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      Very clear. Marvellous, I am back in 22 again and will follow your instruction. Cheers.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Good job!
      A few things different but over all, success.

      Thanks again......


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