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Incorrect forum path set after test upgrade

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  • Incorrect forum path set after test upgrade


    I did an upgrade to vB 5 on a copy of our current vB 3.8.8 installation, using a copy of the database, and installing it under a (password protected) /betaforums/ directory (so However, the entire page shows up as unstyled, and any JS - including in the /adminCP - is not working / loaded. According to the inspector, it's trying to load all resources off of, i.e. the old URL.

    How should I fix this? I can't fix it in the admin CP because it's not functional without JS, which it can't load.

    So far, I've tried:

    * Setting $config['baseurl'] in /config.php to - according to this post ( that's no longer needed though.
    * Setting $config['Misc']['baseurl'] to
    * Manually updating the 'setting' database table, setting bburl, frontendurl, and frontendurl_login to the /betaforums versions (this was still set to the old url, found by doing a select * from setting where value like %forum%)
    * Installing a RewriteBase /betaforums/ and RewriteRule ^forums/betaforums/ in /betaforums/.htaccess

    But none of those seem to be working. I probably missed something, right? Where else is this path set? Or, where is it set where it should be unset?

    (I did a test run of this on a local environment and didn't encounter this problem, so, odd)

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    You changed them in setting table manually, but they are still the old URLs in the datastore table in the serialized data. Maybe it would be easier to start out with a fresh copy of the 3.8.8 database and do the upgrade from the beginning again since you didn't have this issue on the local test run.


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      Alright, thanks for the hint - I first did a 'truncate table datastore;', but that might not have been the best option. I then uploaded the tools.php file from the do_not_upload folder like a rebel, and ran the rebuild datastore command. That seems to have worked. There's something not quite right still though, the whole left-hand side menu in the admin CP does not seem to work. I'll keep fiddling with it for a bit I guess.


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