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The coorrect place for the overrided php.ini

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  • The coorrect place for the overrided php.ini

    I am planning to increase size the "post_max_size"; my webhost says that I can change my php settings using php.ini file and apache settings using .htaccess file.

    1. my trail with .htaccess file:

    I tried add the following in my .htaccess that comes with VB5:
    php_value post_max_size "15M"

    but keeping giving me "Internal Server Error". I did the same with VB4 and it works just fine!

    2. my trail with adding php.ini:

    My webhost says the following:

    Using a php.ini file to override the default settings will only alter the PHP settings for all PHP files in the directory where it is saved.

    This means that any PHP files in subfolders will not recognize the changes you've made in the php.ini file. You will have to copy the file to any subdirectories needed or created symbolic links in subfolders to the custom php.ini file

    Basically, you do not need to place the php.ini file in every folder of your website files. For example, in wordpress. you need to increase the upload_max_filesize for you to upload larger files in your Wordpress admin. The php.ini file will be then uploaded in the /wp-admin folder only. So you better make sure with of the specific folder where you want the php.ini activated

    My question now is which one is better to change? I have feeling that VB5 deals with .htaccess differently so please what is the correct way?

    or if I go to php.ini (it is recommended), which place is correct to place my new php.ini?

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