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  • Home page loads white

    When I click on the home page from the admin panel or try to load it it starts to load a page and its all white and stops... anyone have any ideas what I have done wrong...? this is on a fresh install on a differnt provider from where I had my orginal site...
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    Typically a blank page like this is a PHP error. It should be logged in your PHP Error Log. If you don't know where this is located, you can ask your hosting provider.

    However a question first... What version of PHP is on your server?
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      Php Version information: 3.5.3 My error log does not seem to be working I sent a ticket in with hypernia about it..

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      Maybe I should give you a bit of history to date had an awful time getting anything to work at all it turned out to be the permissions I had to set them all to 755 from 775 for anything to work at all.. that allowed me to install. I have tried re downloading version vb5 beta 21 and rewriting the files that did not fix the issue. It took me all day to get ftp to connect and work which just happen to take place after I changed the permissons.. .let me know if I can give you any other information that will help .. which php runs the home page and in which file folder does it reside.. ?


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        Do you genuinely mean PHP 3.5.3 or is that a typo? As the minimum version for vB5 is PHP 5.3.0.
        I'm going to assume it's a typo as you'd not have got as far as you did otherwise....

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          Sure it's a typo, PHP 3 existed from 3.0.0 to 3.0.18 only (and was from 2000). I think he means 5.3.5.

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