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    I want to create an icon legend and then also a site map at the bottom of my forum similliar to the one used in VB forum. What module should I use or how would I go about creating that?

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      On vBulletin 5 there are no icon legends boxes so this would require custom code.
      This site runs vBulletin 4 which does have them included.

      vBulletin 5 has less icons so there is little need for a legend.

      Again with the mini site map in the footer, this isn't in vBulletin 5 at all (in fact it's not even in vBulletin 4, it's been added here manually).
      You can, however, add additional links to the vBulletin 5 footer using Site Builder.

      Beyond that it may be worth asking over at for help creating custom code to achieve what you want.

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        I'd just use a Static HTML module to do this. Format and text would be up to your imagination.
        Translations provided by Google.

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          Thank you both for your responses. I love the new look of VB5 but there are things in the older version that aesthetically would transition nicely into the new connect software that I am disappointed was not included. The major thing I would like to include are "Bookmarks" or links to social media connections in a footer module similar to this one below. Apparently from Waynes comment this will need to be done in HTML.

          For reference is a failure of a resource. Most of the posts are very outdated and no one ever responds like they do on this forum.

          Thank you guys again! I appreciate all of the help!


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