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  • Registered User Cannot See Forum

    I just created a fake normal user. This user is showing as a Registered User and is logged in, but cannot view posts or create topics or replies. The system says he's logged in, but acts as if he's not.

    My forum is set to deny access to Unregistered / Not Logged in users.

    I have checked the channel permissions carefully, but I can't see what is wrong.

    It is Beta20.

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    If you're using Firefox or IE, try a CTRL + F5, if you're using Chrome use SHIFT F5.

    IF you're on a mac, apple R or shift R, depending on the browser. Does this change anything?


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      Hi Zachery,

      In both FF and IE, CTRL + F5 refreshes the page, but with no effect.

      In the content area of the forum it give the (custom) message, "You must be registered and logged-in to view this content."

      If I click on an existing post, it will allow me to reply. But I cannot view the list of topics or create a post.


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        Make sure that registered users have proper permissions for the Homepage channel under Channel Management -> Channel Permissions. There is a bug in some installations where they need "Can Reply to Others" permission to view. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

        Once permissions are set, reset your system cache under Maintenance.
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