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Nav tab not highlighting properly

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  • Nav tab not highlighting properly

    I notice that if I create a new navtab (ie. Home - this is after renaming the default Home to 'Forum') and make the URL to the that Home tab to root of my domain (outside of the jailed /forums dir where vb5 is installed)... that the Home tab will always be highlighted by default even when I click on the Forum tab. However, if I create a new page called 'home' (http://www.mydomain/forums/home) and assign that new URL to the Home tab for example... all the tabs highlight fine. Is that a bug, or is some tweaking needed? Am I even making any sense?

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    Shouldn't highlight at all. It think the system gets confused when there isn't a route in the database for the particular link. There was an issue where the MOD link in the footer would highlight constantly until permissions were applied to it. You might assign permissions to your custom tab in the Navigation Manager and see if that resolves your issue.
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