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  • Channel Permissions - Set Post Topics

    How do I set channel permissions for a specific group of user to allow them to reply to topics but not able to post/create topics?
    The only option available is create text/post, it doesnt have one for creating topics for a channel

    I only want this group of user not being able to post topics in a specific forum but can reply topics

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    Channel Management -> Channel Permissions.

    Find your channel/forum.

    Click edit next to the usergroup.

    Scroll down to "Create Permissions". Set them to no if you don't want them to create new content.
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      AdminCP > Usergroup Manager > Select Usergroup
      Create Permissions
      Can create text/post

      Setting that to "No" is, I believe, *supposed* to do it but it seems not to be working in Beta 19.

      You can also set the same option per usergroup in the Channel Permissions, but on my test site that's not working either.

      I believe this is a known issue as I have seen something about it in the tracker. It may even already be fixed in a later beta.

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        thank you. i am looking forward to the change!


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