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Inline images are not showing up as images just as code, and are included as attachment links

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  • Inline images are not showing up as images just as code, and are included as attachment links

    Hi Guys,

    Recently I have upgraded from phpbb3 to vb4 and now to vb5. Everything imported nicely, including the attachments, except for the inline images. Instead of having them show up in the specified area in the post it shows some code and shows the image as an attached file to the post.

    For example on this page:

    [attachment=10:7d0gdjlt]Special Stage Route X.jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=9:7d0gdjlt]Apricot Hill Raceway.jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=8:7d0gdjlt]Silverstone National Circuit.jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=7:7d0gdjlt]Twin Ring Motegi (tor drogowy).jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=5:7d0gdjlt]Special Stage Route X_3.jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=4:7d0gdjlt]Miasteczko Sztuki i Nauki (noc).jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=3:7d0gdjlt]Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit.jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=2:7d0gdjlt]Willow Springs International Raceway_ Big Willow.jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=1:7d0gdjlt]Miasteczko Sztuki i Nauki (noc)_1.jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    [attachment=0:7d0gdjlt]Syrakuzy (noc).jpg[/attachment:7d0gdjlt]
    Zdjęcia nieskażone edycją, następne już raczej będą... :twisted: Załączone pliki[LIST][*][URL=""]Special Stage Route X.jpg (1,55 MB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Syrakuzy (noc).jpg (1,80 MB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Miasteczko Sztuki i Nauki (noc)_1.jpg (827,7 KB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Willow Springs International Raceway_ Big Willow.jpg (567,0 KB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit.jpg (880,9 KB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Miasteczko Sztuki i Nauki (noc).jpg (598,9 KB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Special Stage Route X_3.jpg (516,9 KB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]London.jpg (848,2 KB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Twin Ring Motegi (tor drogowy).jpg (974,8 KB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Silverstone National Circuit.jpg (1,22 MB, 1 view) [/URL][*][URL=""]Apricot Hill Raceway.jpg (1,27 MB, 1 view) [/URL][/LIST]
    I will be very greatful if anyone could assist me with this issue - image attached. The inline images did not work for VB4 and I did the upgrade anyway.
    Is there a way to fix this directly on VB5? I have tried rebuilding all images and in general everything there is in the admin panel.
    I'm willing to grant admin access.

    Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
    Last edited by PiotrGT1; Thu 27 Nov '14, 3:07am.

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    The code looks like perhaps inline attachments were not supported from your import- I would need a screenshot or better off a link to this thread to see what is happening first hand to be sure.


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      Joe, thank you for the interest.

      Here is the link:świa...ullet#post4190

      Would you like me to send you (PM) the login data to my admin panel and phpmyadmin too?
      Last edited by PiotrGT1; Fri 28 Nov '14, 1:19am.


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        I do not need your Admin info.

        I can see by the link whatever software you imported from the inline attachments are not supported. This should have been dealt with while you were still running VB4. You should not upgrade to VB5 until everything is confirmed working.

        If you can re-do your import and go back to VB4 (there is no way to downgrade once you upgraded to VB4) you can try and use the cleaner.php file in the tools directory of Impex to remove the attachment bbcode from your posts.


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          Is there some way/script which can be ran in phpmyadmin and remove the codes such as:
          [attachment=8:1xeksqq9]Autumn Ring Mini_1.jpg[/attachment:1xeksqq9]
          meaning find and delete all:

          and make all JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF show up as thumbnails? simply make them pop in the post (any location?


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            No script I know of will make them show inside the post itself. Once this bug is fixed:
            Then they will show as thumbnails instead of links.

            There is no script i know of to remove the content from VB5 posts. cleaner.php in the impex tools folder only works on VB4 (or VB3.)


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              "bbcode_attachment_list instead of the default template"

              Where do I find this code? what file or how do I get to this menu item?


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                Nevermind, i just did a search and found however its still not working. The image boxes are there.... but the images themselves arent - but they do link to the right image


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                  I have applied this mod and it did make a lot of my attachments show up as images but there are many that did not show up - it seems that there is an issue with rebuilding all of the images... how can this be fixed? I went to edit posts and these images simply didnt regenerate I also have reindexed all of the content... How can I do a force regenerate (another way)?

                  Last edited by PiotrGT1; Wed 3 Dec '14, 11:19pm.


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                    In Post 18 you had 6 attachments and I see 6 images. Can you give an example where it's not working? You may need to clear your browser cache.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	post18.jpg
Views:	122
Size:	93.3 KB
ID:	4219097


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                      I see those but I dont see the ones on post #24świa...181#post181181


                      • #12
                        I would suggest trying to see what it looks like in a completely unmodified style.


                        • #13
                          This is the VB5 default style and the only thing that was changed was the header.
                          I have tried the other style and the outcome was the same.


                          • #14
                            You applied the changes in the bug report - you need to revert those templates or install a style where those changes were not made.


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                              Yes, I was jumping between various themes (the moded and unmoded) and it still didnt resolve the issue.
                              Any other suggestions?
                              Last edited by PiotrGT1; Fri 5 Dec '14, 11:39am.


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