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Upgrade to B18 - Can't Login Again...

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  • Wayne Luke
    The above error usually means there is something wrong with your presentation config.php file. This is the one in the root.

    Either the baseurl value is incorrect, it should match the URL you're accessing the site exactly - down to the www.

    Or you have a BOM character or other hidden character because the file was saved as UTF-8. You would need to load it in your text editor and save it as ASCII to fix this.

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  • Mondy
    started a topic Upgrade to B18 - Can't Login Again...

    Upgrade to B18 - Can't Login Again...

    Ho all -

    Reoccurring problem; thought i was on top of this.

    Again, when I try to login at front-end I see this drop down box appear, which shows the site within.

    Logging into admincp works ok. I know that cookie settings worked for me previously. I am seriously baffled by this...

    Question of course is; what's the solution?

    Suggestions very, very welcome!

    Thanks heaps.
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