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Log in issue / front page problem

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  • Log in issue / front page problem

    When I (or anyone else) logs into my vB5-17 install you go through the login process, and then the page reloads, however the site remains hidden (unregistered users have access mask set to hide) and it still says "not logged in - please register".

    If I select forum (even though it says I'm not logged in) I get an error saying "cant connect to database"

    If I select blog (or any other page) and leave the front page, and then return to it.... the site loads and works fine from this point.

    There seems to be some sort of connection issue with the database at login, but only on the first page? This was the same for my vB5-16 upload. I removed the database and uploaded vB5-17 as a fresh start into a blank site but still the same issue.

    Can anyone give me some feedback?

    All server software is up to spec, safe mode off, etc. No other issues on the site that I have found at the moment.

    Thanks in advance,


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    The url you're accessing the site from matches the url in your /config.php as the specified baseurl?
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      I had base url set to http://mysite/vb5 as opposed to http://www.mysite/vb5

      Will see how it goes.... the issue only occurs when I've been out of the site for a while - its a strange one.

      First login of the day it happens.....once I login, select another page, and come back to the home page its fine. Will update tomorrow.... hopefully its that simple.


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        OK - problem resolved.

        The base url was missing WWW as above - seems to work fine now.


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