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New Issue with Social-Groups VB5.1.3

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  • New Issue with Social-Groups VB5.1.3

    While adjusting permissions trying to fix my IMG picture limit, at some point, one of my social-groups (and only one) went "Read Only". I'm not exaggerating as even the administrator or the owner of the group can no longer post to it. There is no editor available. When I elevate the owner of the group, sometimes the editor will appear and I think I have it fixed. But then half an hour goes by and no editor again. I tried debug mode and there were no errors. This could be an awesome feature if one could figure out how to do it at will, but unfortunately, this is not one of those times. The same behaviour is demonstrated in all styles including default. I can still create a new topic which is able to be posted to. Any ideas?

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    Fixed for now.
    I transferred ownership of the group to the Administrator, then back to the user. Now the 24 hour test.


    • jdj
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      How did you transfer ownership of the group to administrator?

    • Replicant
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      In the group summary module, In the Administrative button, there is a menu item for Manage Group Managers, At the bottom, You can send a transfer request to another user, then that user accepts ownership. It's really straight forward.

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    So the Group is back to read-only. Can I get some input on this please?


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      Would you mind logging this in the bug tracker so the team can take a look?

      vB5 Bug

      Just the summary and description fields will do, we'll sort the rest.

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        I logged it into JIRA, the response was Duplicate and closed, check permissions on the channel and the user perms. This is a known issue and is estimated to be fixed in 5.1.6 - I've already done that. Thanks JIRA.


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          I started a Group here on vbulletins site back in Oct to compare to my site. VB's site did the whole "No editor" thing to me this morning howerver, I was able to edit the previous message. Then the editor came back a little later. I posted a nice screen shot of it in my group.


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