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Problem uploading images

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  • Problem uploading images

    i have gone into the "Attachment Manager" and set jpegs to no limit in size or dimension and when i try to upload an image, i get "The Dimension limits for this filetype are 600 x 600. We were unable to resize your file so you will need to do so manually and upload it again. Your file is currently 851 x 315." but nowhere i can find is it limited to 600x600

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    Same here. Is it a bug?


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      Did you check Admincp > Attachments > Attachment Manager and verify the size there?

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        Settings in AdminCP:

        Try to upload an .jpg file:



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          Here are new images


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            Try changing the 'User Album Permissions' values for your usergroup and see if you still have this issue
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              This seem to be an 5.0 issue for me, a 4.2 setup on the same server works fine. When changing the size in album permissions it doesn't solve the rescale issue.


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                Was there a solution ever found to this issue as I am today having the same issue over a year forward from this threads last post.


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                  Please start your own topic, with all of the required information, we'll be happy to help


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