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Logo changes angain and again and again

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  • Logo changes angain and again and again

    I put my own logo, after some time it disappears, i put it again, but some time ago disappears again!!

    I put my logo about 5 or 6 times and still not there!

    I do it with the "header" option at the top bar.

    Is there any way to put my logo for life there?

    - - - Updated - - -

    maybe this is a browser issue.

    I did it a lot of times with firefox and chrome with the same error.

    No i did it with safari and seems the logo still is there
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    Are you trying this in Beta 11 (latest release in custiomer area) or Beta 10. Also are you uploading the logo via SiteBuilder? If so, it's a known error that is fixed in Beta 11
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      i'm using beta 11

      I only can solve this issue uploading the logo with Safari. With crhome and firefox (OSx) i can't put the logo.


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