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  • Error after install completes


    I've installed VB5.Beta 11 on a local testing server and the install completed with no warnings or error messages BUT when I click on the adminCP button I get a blank screen...I've noticed that the address in the broswer stops at /Forum/admincp/ without the index.php at the end, when I put the index.php at the end of the address I get the following error meassage;

    Notice: Undefined variable: config in
    C:\xampp\htdocs\*****\Forum\includes\vb5\config.php on line
    Couldn't read config file config.php

    Any assistance would be great

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    turn off notices. You can actually do this in the /config.php file by setting this value to False:

    $config['report_all_php_errors'] = false;

    The error about the config.php file is most likely due to an incorrect core path. See this thread to determine your correct core path:
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
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      Thanks Wayne. I'll give it ago later today.

      I did manage to get into the admincp after I added ../Forum/core/admincp/index.php to the web address in the browser, which was good. But still couldn't get into the "normal" side so I'll disable the notices as you advise and see how I get on.Thanks


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