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  • Permissions Question ?

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.

    I recently tried to increase the number of attachments per post that Admin were able to submit, the default is five.

    I changed the quantity in the Admin Permissions, and in Registered User permissions, but this still kept the limit to five per post.

    I found that I had to change the permissions in each Channel before the system would allow me to submit more.

    Surely Admin permissions should override all other permissions at least !

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    Channel permissions often do override things that it feels like they shouldn't, that's just how the system works.

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      If the channel permissions were customized they will override the usergroup permissions. If they are not customized they will inherit the Usergroup permissions.


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        Nearly 5 years since this was posted~ have things changed since then~ for i still find it difficult to do ?
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          If you have customized permissions on a channel and want to increase the number of attachments allowed per post, you will need to edit those customized permissions. This has not changed.
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