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  • Cannot Login as Admin

    While attempting to log in to my site I got a blank page with this message:
    "There is a serious error and the page cannot be rendered"

    After this, I cannot even get back to my site, I just get this message. I used another browser and my site came up but when I tried to login there I got a different error notice ("HTTP 500 Internal Sever Error"). I called my server and when they tried to login with my user name and password they got the same message "serious error" and also couldn't go back to the site either. They think it is some kind of a coding error.

    I had someone else login with their user name and password from another computer and they got in fine. ???

    Any idea what I can do now? Thanks.
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      Go to your admincp page... and then login. Go to Usergroups > Usergroup Manager > Administrators and see what the Password Expiry is set to. If anything other than 0, set it to 0 > Save > Clear System Cache. See if you still have the same problem. (Also, please upgrade from 5.1.0)

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