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Upgrade issues - plenty thereof

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  • Upgrade issues - plenty thereof

    Hi There,

    We've just upgraded from 4.x -> 5.1.2 and this has resulted in a number of problems.

    The main issues are:

    1. Speed - painfully slow
    2. Location of poster missing from posts
    3. Users online count is incorrect
    4. Signature lines have disappeared
    5. Search function not working
    6. New Topics button only works intermittently
    7. Page count when viewing topics has also disappeared.
    8. When paging through threads pages do not load (giving alert style error).

    I've tried most of the maintenance/upgrade tools in admin, some work, some do not, some time out, some give a errors eg. Repair/optimize tables gives after submitting: 'Invalid Page URL. If this is an error and the page should exist, please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message. ' warning.

    Please help / advise solutions!

    Thank you

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    The reality is there isn't much to do about speed issues right now- performance improvements will happen over time but there is no magic fix. If speed is that bad consider restoring your backup from before the upgrade ASAP because the longer you wait the more content you will lose as you can't downgrade a live site.

    #2 - Location has been removed from the postbit - if you want to restore it that is now custom coding
    #3 - Known bug / It is only showing users on that specific page
    #4 - Check the Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Topic Display Options (showthread) -> Post Signature Inline -> Yes
    #5 - Likely need to rebuild search index. Admin CP -> Maintenance -> General Update Tools -> Rebuild Search Index. This can take a long time for a large forum. The forum will continue to work while it is being rebuilt but the search won't work right until it is done.
    #6 - Known bug - it should work most of the time and a refresh of the page brings it back 99% of the time.
    #7 - Known design issue. May be changed in future version.
    #8 - Would need to see full error. But site in debug mod and post full error.

    No need / reason to run repair/optimize tables - not applicable to many tables these days.


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      Thank you for the reply.

      Speed is so bad and the site is plagued with timeouts and errors.

      This is a real worry for us, are we able to get a refund for the $200 outlay? The product is clearly not fit for purpose at present and we were not warned about this ahead of upgrading. <- Serious question, not a rant.

      Fortunately I took the precaution of backing up the database and files before we updated, though rolling back won't be a 5 minute job by any stretch.

      Thanks again.


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        The official policy (as you agreed to in the license agreement) is that there will be no refunds once the software has been downloaded- but I am in support- refunds are a sales department issue, You can contact [email protected].

        Sorry it is not working out for you.


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          I'd suggest trying to upgrade to 5.1.3 and see if its any better. There were some performance improvements in it.


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