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Channels with display order 0 visible with advanced search

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  • Channels with display order 0 visible with advanced search

    There are several channels in my form that I no longer use. Because these channels are 'system default' channels I can't delete them. In the channel manager I set the display order to 0, so that users never see these channels. They still mess up my overview in the admincp, but for now this is workable.

    The only real problem is that when using 'advanced search' users can still select these categories when selecting channels to search in. Now I could rename them to make sure users are less likely to select these channels, but why are they in the list at all? Is there a way to make sure users can't search in channels that are not visible?

    Also, it would be great if I could just delete these 'default' channels...

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    0 just hides them from the default listing, not from search results or the search page. Just click on deny all on those channels in the channel permissions area, and the problem is solved.


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      Thanks. That solved the search problem.


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