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Attempt to write vB5 API Tutorial

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  • Attempt to write vB5 API Tutorial

    I think that everybody here had experienced the vBulletin 5 documentation or rather its lack. I don't know if it wouldn't be cheaper to use another forum engine. Anyway I'd like to try to write some tutorial documentation on vB5 API since developers can't make even single page about this. (But they have time to answer on same question on their board over and over again).

    I will gather all knowledge from this thread and publish it as an article for all of you. So if anybody knows anything about vB5 API please write it here.

    I'll start.
    I think good place to start is here:
    HTML Code:
    So far I had figure out that you can access you vB api under URL like:

    HTML Code:
    HTML Code:
    It depends if you have your forum in subfolder or direct under domains. I'll use the latter configuration.

    You can call any function from /core/vb/api folder like this:

    HTML Code:
    This is also first difference from vB4 API. In vB4 you called functions like this: classname_methodname

    First thing to do is to call init function. With minimum set of parameters it looks like this:

    HTML Code:
    I don't know what exactly doe parameters mean. But without them you won't init api.
    I don't know either why do I have generate API key in admincp.

    So far I have some JSON answer. I'll write about further progress

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