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Left column of Message Central not viewable for global moderators

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    Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead

  • Wayne Luke
    It is a permissions issue somewhere. Where? I can't say as there isn't enough information here. You will need to open a support ticket at

    Please provide an administrator and super moderator login and as much information about the issue as possible.

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  • Magnus Lundgren
    New Member

  • Left column of Message Central not viewable for global moderators

    The left column of the Message Central gives a "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page" for global moderators. It works just fine for Registered users and administrators. When we tried to add "Registered user" as a secondary permission group for a moderator, the result was that he could not log in at all until we removed it again.

    To my knowledge, there isn't any setting for this; or at least I can't find it. Anyone having an idea of a setting that could affect this?

    Considering former problems, it feels as if it would be a problem with cached settings. Clearing the System Cache didn't help. Is there settings being cached, but not cleared by the "Clear System Cache"? If so, how could it be reset?

    The problem appeared in 5.1.1. We have upgraded to 5.1.2p3 but still the same result.

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