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Changed Page name in Site Builder and cannot re-edit it

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  • Changed Page name in Site Builder and cannot re-edit it

    Unfortunately I made a mistake with my production site and I need some help to solve it.

    My forum is in Portuguese and some of the Forum names have words with special caracteres (e.g.: ã, ç, and other words with tidle)

    When I edited channel pages in Site Builder and wanted to save the changes, the system changed the special character to the corresponding codes (eg. the word "discussão" was changed to "discussão").
    My mistake was that instead of leaving the page name with the original coded characters I screwed-up and decided to "corrected" them to the equivalent word (because is how they should appear to the users). That broke the site.

    After saving I cannot edit those pages anymore:
    (1) in the site those pages appear to the users with coded characters, not the right ones
    (tidled characters),
    (2) Site Builder doesn't edit those pages any more. When you click the Edit Page button you are sent to the address ""
    (3) I Cannot use any of the moderation tools to move, delete threads (you can select individual messages but then you cannot access the moderation menu)
    (4) Cannot use the numbered page boxes to go forward/back in the messages on a thread. You click them but they don't work

    I need some help in being able to edit those pages again.

    A messed-up url
    (originally was created asão/treinantes
    in the Site Builder Save the Page Dialog appears asão/treinantes
    and my mistake was to change it toão/treinantes because that is how it should appear to the users )

    A page where you cannot change to another page with the page boxes/buttons

    A page in the same forum where the name was not changed and works correctly

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    Bumping this as I got no answer.

    NOTE: There seems to be a reference to a similar problem but the answer is not online.
    Does anyone know what has been done to solve this case?



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      Until a page manager is added to this site, there is no way to correct this directly. Please open a support ticket.
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      Wayne Luke
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