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5.1.2 Security Patch Issues

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  • 5.1.2 Security Patch Issues

    After applying the security patch for vB 5.1.2 I have noticed an issue. This appears to only be with MSIE, but could be elsewhere.

    Every time I attempt to access my website using IE 11 I get a message from the software stating "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later." I can click the visible tabs/links and always get the same message after just a couple of second. However, I see the page I am after when using any other browser.

    Further I did some testing and have determined that if I ignore this server busy message in vB and log into my website that I then can see the page.

    I can access the website as expected via android browser, Firefox and Chrome. I haven't tested with any other browsers or OS.

    This only started after I uploaded the patch to my website this morning. Please help me determine how to fix this IE bug for all Guests. This is killing my site and I am loosing much traffic!!

    vBulletin version: 5.1.2 Patch Level 1
    PHP: 5.4.27
    mySQL: 5.5.38
    Last edited by catsma_97504; Sun 20 Jul '14, 10:19am. Reason: Left out key detail in the 3rd statement. I can access the page in IE after I log in. Guests can never access the website using IE.

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    We're you already running 5.1.2 before applying the patch?

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      Yes I was.


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        Members are now reporting they are getting the server busy error on several browsers. So, I did another check. Guess I wasn't verifying my steps close enough as Guests get the server busy vB message across most browsers/OS systems. I logged out of my forum and there's that darned bug. It isn't specific to IE.

        I haven't been using Tapatalk much as this code base causes so many issues that it is an issue. Anyway, with this bug in place no threads display and the list of forums will not display either. However, I find it interesting that if I click HOME in Tapatalk that I can then view threads.

        This needs fixed!! Should I submit a support request?


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          I have no idea what went wrong, but even after doing a restore and rolling back this change I still have the bug. I can only assume this means something went wrong in the database.


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            Check your server logs...are there any errors there?

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              Nothing important is in today's error logs. Just a handful of someone attempting to figure out the file system, they were attempting to find wordpress, which I do not use. The vBulletin errors are file or image not found. Can't find (does not exist) and can't find the logo.png file at And both are listed just twice. So I suspect this was someone's attempt to access the forum itself.

              Last night I submitted a support ticket for this as a few members are reporting that even after the log in they still see the server busy error. My website is basically dead because of this. And, when I logged in to see if anyone picked up the ticket I find no reference to it. Do new tickets not display to me until someone has touched it? I am concerned because I included login credentials per your requirements for submitting a ticket.


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                Did you set the Linux load limit? You should be able to login to the AdminCP directly, and remove this limit. We don't advise setting it at all, esp in shared hosting environments.

                I don't see any tickets on your account


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                  The Linux Load Limit was set to 5. Not sure if that is a hold over from vB 4 or if I set it when I first set up the forum. Anyway, I removed this setting and the site appears to be again working.

                  I will hold off resubmitting that ticket. If my members continue to complain I will then submit the ticket.

                  Thanks for your help Zackery!


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