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  • Help with my homepage page

    can someone please help me with a problem I just can't seem to figure out?

    I recently started converting my wordpress site to a vbulletin 5 connect site and I made a page of mine act as the homepage. I did this by using the page builder to name the page as the root, meaning no page alias. now, it won't load and i have no idea how to get it back. i have tried making another new page and calling it nothing, but it says that is a duplicate page creation and won't do it. does anyone know how to solve this issue?

    i can't find options for the aliases in the channel manager? thanks so much for your help, appreciated.

    also, i have a quick question about the blogs. how come the page builder won't show any blogs? it tells me to login to the admincp. is there something i am missing?

    thanks, my site is (all pages but homepage work).

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    We're probably going to need a support ticket to resolve this.

    We'll need admincp access and ftp credentials, and also access to your database (phpMyAdmin or similar).

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