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VB5 Forum/Channel links Broken

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  • VB5 Forum/Channel links Broken

    I moved my forum from .com/forum to .com on my site and changed the URL in AdminCP. Everything shows up correctly when you go to but when you click on any of the forums/channels they try to take you I can't figure out how to get rid of the /forum/ in the hyperlinks.

    Any suggestions or where to look? I have cleared the cache, rebuilt the tables, anything that looks obvious. I'm thinking there is a PHP file that is changed on install to have this /forum/ path and it needs to be updated. But that is a guess.


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    Have you tried editing the .htaccess file?

    Not all the time. But sometimes this will help.

    I've had a similar problem myself recently with trying to get my forum to not double trail with /forum/forum

    The tech suggested I also edit the this file with the url I wanted it to be. Also suggested what you have done in the admincp.

    Hope that helped.

    Also, your files need to be in the root directory. Instead of putting them in a "forum" directory. You will need to place your files directly in public_html


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      What would I change in the .htaccess file? I didn't see anything in there that referenced the site URL.


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        Originally posted by hs4x4 View Post
        changed the URL in AdminCP.
        Well firstly, you would because that's the only way your going to get it fixed.

        And also put your files in the root.

        You want to direct your /forum url to

        You will need to alot index.php instead of index.html as your homepage. That simple.


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          I fixed it. I had the old /forum/ folder still on the server. It was causing an URL conflict. When I renamed the old /forum/ folder everything works.


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