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images not always visible

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  • images not always visible


    The uploaded images aren't always vissible. what could be wrong.
    after uploading the images or a broken link isn't vissible.

    when i hit the edit button i can see a broken link.

    when i look with firebug and vbulletin is in editing mode, this is the line off code

    <img border="0" alt="" src="" data-cke-saved-src="" class="bbcode-attachment">
    when looking with firebug and viewing a topic you see this.
    below is a piece of the website with its code.

    please need some help on this one.

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    Sounds similar to this issue:

    Are you using vBulletin 5.1.2?
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      Looking at, I can see it is 5.1.2. And the issue should have been fixed in 5.1.2 based on the linked JIRA.

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        But it isn't. So what can i do about it, the image is in the file system on my server, but not in the database.


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          Couple of questions on this, to see if it's the same issue:

          1. Are the images visible before you edit the post?
          2. if you save the edit, are they visible then? (Note that you may need to view with a different account - if it's the same issue, the person who actually uploaded the images could still see them, but nobody else could).

          Happy if you want to open a support ticket on this, we can investigate and log if it's reproducible on other sites.

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            No, they are not visible. after editing they aren't also not visible.

            A ticket i can open from the members section.

            I go and will open a ticket witch points to this topic.


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              Thanks, sounds like a different issue to the one linked to, as that was just after editing a post.

              We'll investigate via the ticket.
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                When I plug in the image path in the browser it does not display an image, instead you get a blank page. I have run into this on my own forum many times. To the OP, you need to find the actual image path and use it as a reference.
       is not a valid path.


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                  yeah but that is the way vbulletin produced it. if you wan't to point it to the actual file you also need to rename it.
                  because they named .attach and .thumb

                  i was hoping vbulletin staff helped me more.

                  i made a ticket about it, provide them some login stuff but then it was still for several days now.
                  hope they could help me out.


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